Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Playlist for Bumping Midnight: Chapters 7 -12

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Chapter Seven: 1) Life is a Highway, Rascal Flatts
2) Sweet Thing, Keith Urban
3) Flying, James Newton Howard, Peter Pan Soundtrack
Chapter Eight: 1) I Cannot See His Color, James Newton Howard, Village Soundtrack
2) Jedi Funeral, John Williams, Star Wars Soundtrack
Chapter Nine: 1) Monster by Meg and Dia
2) Spaceman, The Killers
3) Starlight, Muse
4) E.T. Theme, John Williams, E.T. Soundtrack
5) Fairy Dance, James Newton Howard, Peter Pan Soundtrack
Chapter Ten: Goodnight, Travel Well, The Killers
Chapter Eleven: 1) Fireflies, Owl City
2) Remembering Childhood, John Williams, Hook Soundtrack
3) Dark Eyes, Iron and Wine
4) Send Me On My Way, Rusted Root
Chapter Twelve: 1) When Ginny Kissed Harry, Nicolas Hooper, Harry Potter 6 Soundtrack
2) Ghost in This House, Alison Krauss


Mikaela said...

i need to make a playlist for my novel... >.< i'm going to be a copycat (=^_^=)

Anna said...

I haven't really made one for the NaNo novel....except I know that Maybe is the 'credits' song. :D well, I have some of the characters' theme songs too. I did make a playlist, but it isn't 'scientific' and detailed like these are.