Monday, March 15, 2010

Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

Okay, first of all, this had to be brilliant. Joss Whedon came up with it.

Second of all, I was interested in it for other reasons besides Joss Whedon having created it, but when I was thinking about watching it, I found out that Nathon Fallion (Fillion, whatever) was in it. I'm a big fan of Firefly, Serenity and Castle, so this made me excited to watch it.

Third of all, WOW! It was so funny! I don't laugh at stuff by myself much. For some reason it just isn't as much fun to laugh if there's no one laughing with me - but I was giggling all through it.

Fourth of all, I like the music. There two or three songs especially that I liked, sung by Dr. Horrible and Penny.

Fifth of all, it was very original and different. Captain Hammer was extremely annoying. (Nathon Fallion/Fillion's character...but at times he was funny too, mostly because he made Dr. Horrible that much funnier. Dr. Horrible was likeable and sweet. The story itself was funny, but the ending was actually extremely sad. I was a little bit shocked, because I hadn't been expecting an ending like that. The heroine was sweet, although a little bit blind...(she ended up with Captain Hammer instead of Dr. Horrible. Gag.)

I liked it a lot. :) And it's really short, too. Like 42 minutes.


Oh, and the trailer itself is very funny. And you can watch this whole thing on Youtube. If you have 42 minutes, an evening alone, and an excellent TV dinner or pint of ice cream, I suggest you do so.


Mythopoeia said...

I bought the dvd, because I love this musical so much! It comes with a musical commentary, which you might find humorous too . . . I think you can listen to it on fb. Some language and vulgarities mar it a little, but the idea of turning a commentary track into a musical is just lovable.

I actually watched "Sing Along Blog" before watching "Firefly", so you can imagine how weird it was to suddenly be rooting for Captain Hammer, haha! "On the Rise" is probably my fave song from the musical, but I like them all.

Anna said...

Lol, I can imagine! Captain Hammer is the first character I haven't much liked that Nathan F. plays. :)

And I'll look for that musical commentary! Thanks for telling me it existed. :D

Anna said...

Oh, and right now my fave songs from it are:

My Freeze Ray
On the Rise
Brand New day

Yeti94 said...

My brother recommended my family watch this recently. It is hilarious! I think they should make more short movies like this. It's great! :•)

Anna said...

Yeah, this movie is great!

Mikaela said...

It's a brand new day and the sun is high
All the birds are singing that you're gonna die
How I hesitated now I wonder why
It's a brand new day