Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello, my good sir/madam. (British greeting)

1. I feel very, very creative today. I have come up with all sorts of ideas. I am very excited about them, and I hope to soon execute the ideas for drawings/paintings/art projects in general. And perhaps learn how to spell. I just corrected a spelling mistake in this paragraph. See if you can find it...just kidding. :)

2. Back to creative ideas - lots of great ones for novels and such things. Again, very exciting, though those will take longer to put into affect than the artsy ideas. I got one...that I would love to tackle in April, during Script Frenzy, but I doubt that it'll happen, as I already have a plan for that, and I'm determined to stick it through to the end. Probably a grisly, miserable end, but I'll stick it through.

3. I went to the library today and came away with an Alfred Hitchcock Collection of Ghost Stories, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, and The Gunslinger by Stephen King, his first Dark Tower book. I've never read any Stephen King before. I'm curious to see if I'll like him or not.

4. My mouth is hot from eating sausage. *Sticks out tongue and breathes to cool it down*

5. Book Reviews. Very soon. I just keep putting it off. But soon, very, very soon...because I'm way behind. And I need to pick books for this month and then get ready for next month!

6. I like having a Driver's License. I go to Lubbock a lot now for my writing classes and to meet with my friends for 'writers' group.' We have lots of fun.

7. I'm having fun making this list.

8. So I will add that I have rediscovered the delights of Blue Bell Ice Cream lately - just to make the list longer and also because I have really been enjoying Mint Chocolate Chip, Dutch Chocolate and Cookies 'n' Cream very much.

9. Again, to make the list longer - was anyone else confused by the ending of the Psych Season Finale? Because I was. I think I was supposed to be.

10. Loving Lost this year. Especially last night's episode. Sawyer is on my top five, and the whole alternate scenario was so funny. Especially the bit when he was watching Little House on the Prairie....

11. I need to stop making this list now, I'm afraid....

12. The End.

13. No wait - this can be The End. After Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Event books. 12 can be (is) penultimate. :)


Mythopoeia said...

About the Psych season finale: Yeah, it confused me. But I think we're getting one more Ying/Yang episode later, which should tie everything together. So it was supposed to be confusing. I loved Shawn's James Stewart impersonation, it made me laugh so hard.

Anna said...

I agree. I love it when Shawn impersonates someone....but Shawn makes me laugh every episode. :)