Friday, March 19, 2010

New post. New post, New post, New reviews?! SHOOT!

The fact that I have yet to write book reviews has come back to haunt me. Shoot.

Well, today will be busy.

1. It's Friday. Okay, so that's not really a reason for it to be busy, but I do have school to do today. And that Star Trek novel to finish...mmm. Mmmm. Ice cream. Star Trek. Ice cream. Mmmm.

2. As I said, I have to do school.

3. And lots of reading, I hope, but probably not.

4. The reason for that is: I have friends in town. They'll prolly steal my weekend.

5. I would still like to organize my room today. I brought my table back in from the apartment. Art beckons me, and so does that table. And I am not going to make the apartment a studio. It's too inconvenient, to have to walk all the way out there? Besides, it's cold. And it feels funny.

6. So my art supplies will be coming back in.

7. It'll be a mess, my room will be cramped again.

8. This is a good thing. With a housekeeper that cleans compulsively, it is refreshing to have a messy room and/or a messy bathroom. I keep my door locked now to keep them out. I feel no remorse for this. At all. I love my room to be messy.

9. I guess I'll stop at nine. I think it's possible that making lists is an addicting thing. What do you think? I think making lists is addicting.

10. OH! I'm going to make dinner tonight. Probably. :)


Abby said...

What a lovely day!
I tried to IM you on Gmail but you wouldn't answer.
I called yesterday but some lady answered and said: "YOU WEREN'T HOME AT THE MOMENT" I did not like that.
I've been sick... Talk Sunday? :D

Anna said...

I'm sorry dear!

Well, I wasn't home at the moment. I was in Lubbock. Yes, let's talk Sunday. I'm sorry you've been sick!