Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Promises, promises

I'm sure I've said at some point in the past two months that I would post my reads.

Well, I'm back, saying again. If I have time, I might do it tonight. But I will definitely try to as soon as I finish Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke - I haven't read a ton yet this year. I'm hoping to turn that around this month. But I have lots of reads to post from the past two months, so - soon.

Oh, and movies, too! Maybe music...Maybe I just need to set aside a blogging day this week. ;-/


Oh, but I will say, that when I went to Barnes and Noble on Sunday, they still didn't have The Prestige (which doesn't matter anymore - i caved in and ordered it) so I picked up a Doctor Who novel and flipped through the first fifty or hundred pages or so, looking for Ten. :) Would you believe that reading Ten is just about as much fun as watching him? I love reading about his smile. He's always smiling, and it was good for me to see that there are more ways to describe a smile than 'grinning from ear to ear.'

Perhaps my smile descriptions will improve from reading about Ten.

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