Saturday, April 3, 2010


I don't want Nick Cutter to be dead, and I don't want to wait a year to see how Connor, Abby and Danny are gonna get out of their fix! They're stuck! Are they gonna die there? STARVE?! GET EATEN! AAH! I need to know now, but I can't, because they've only just started filming! -_-

For the record, Connor Temple is hilarious. He makes me laugh frequently. And I like the fingerless gloves. And his little taped in box at Lester's house, with all of the 'DO NOT' notes. That was nice. :)

Tomorrow....creation/creativity galore.

Hopefully...but no promises....lots of reading, as I'm behind on a lot, lots of writing, about to be behind on a lot....Script Frenzy, you know, plus the FIVED projects, plus The Great Elation really needs to be finished. Plus I miss Bumping Midnight.

Art has been beckoning me for a few weeks now. I need to do my bag (I'm converting my purple bag into a Star Wars extravaganza with Sharpies and Fabric Markers) AND I have bookmarks to do AND I really want to make a Harry Potter Poster.

And I want to make some friendship bracelets.

And draw some posters for my book and it's musical counterpart.

And compose songs for the musical counterpart.

Tomorrow will be fun. :)

AnNa ;P


Mythopoeia said...

I'm sorry. Welcome to the sad world of impatient Primeval fans. I can't wait to find out what happens either! What was Sarah's idea???

I'm so impressed that you've finished your book. Makes me feel like such a slacker, haha. Keep it up!

Anna said...

Haha, I'm not finished yet - the first draft is nearly finished, and I have never finished a first draft before, so I am very excited. Hopefully it'll be finished this month, but after that comes editing and rewriting! But I've never gotten that far either, so - still very excited. :)