Friday, April 30, 2010

:) :D ;) ;D

Well, I feel like making a quick, happy list, even though school awaits me and I haven't got very long to do it.

1. I need to do school.

2. Tonight I am going to attempt to make my friend Beth's birthday present - I think it's safe to say it on this blog because I don't think she knows it exists....but just in case, you'll have to highlight the next bit of black space to see what I'm doing - I bought some red journals yesterday and I'm going to try to draw on Dustfinger, Gwin, and fire. If Dustfinger fails, then I'll suffice with just Gwin, with his little horns, and fire, and perhaps a few other things to make the cover look filled. Maybe even the green lizard, or the spider from the cover...but either way it's going to be a homemade Inkheart Journal. I may have to make myself one at some point, because the journal package I got has three, all red. Anywho, I'm excited about trying, and it gives me an excuse to think about the book, and I'm seriously considering rereading it.....

3. My, that last one was long

4. A new writing project has been thrust upon me, when that requires diligence on the same project for two weeks, and as soon as that two weeks is up, on to the next. Details later, probably, but as it involves short stories and characters from my Bumping Midnight books, I have decided to create a time line on brown paper. Some people can't stand doing stuff like that - outlining - but I love it, and as hard and confusing it's going to be to make one, I'm very excited. It will be a gigantic time line. Maybe I'll post a picture.

5. I want to keep writing things and posting them, but I've got to stop if I have any hope of getting some school done in time to make dinner and then have time to work on the Dustfinger journal, a friendship bracelet in Dustfinger colors to go with it, work on the timeline, clean my room, fix something on my Script Frenzy, talk to my friend Naomi, work on some papers for my writing class, finish watching The Wrath of Kahn for the third or fourth time, AND watch some Fringe.

6. I have more to do than I thought. So I better get started. Posts, updates, books/movies o/ the month soon!


Mythopoeia said...

Funny that you mention Dustfinger--I got to meet Cornelia Funke yesterday!

Anna said...

You did?! That's awesome! Would you **pretty please** with your favorite kind of fruit on top post details on your blog? I love Cornelia Funke. I can't believe you got to meet her. That's amazing.