Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm liking these random posts that are just lists of random things.

1) Rewatched the Primeval episode with the raptors in the shopping mall. I love the part when Connor asks Abby for the gun.

2) Strawberries and whipped cream? Oh my gosh. New favorite snack.

3) Enjoyed Castle tonight - I love it when there's a line that makes me and Dad both laugh out loud.

4) Finished rereading a book today, can't wait to start another one

5) Behind on Script Frenzy

6) A bit behind on most things writing related, actually...I'm on a normal schedule for my writing assignments though. I always wait till last minute.

7) Behind in Les Miserables, but loving it anyways

8) Thinking I need to go get my violin out and play with it here in a few minutes....

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