Monday, May 24, 2010


1. I liked the Series Finale. A lot. No, that's not how I would have done it, but I like it. It's alright with me.

2. Except for one thing.

3. BEN DIDN'T GO INTO THE CHURCH!!!!! He should have. I'm not happy about that.

4. I have a great idea for a Ben in the makings. I'll either design it on cafe press or buy a t-shirt and do it myself. It will be epic Benry.

5. Desmond could really be a great Doctor Twelve.... I agree with Mythopoeia on this. :)

6. Plans for a gigantic MUSE art project. It's actually prolly gonna be a painting. *Gasp* I haven't painted in forever. Not a good one, anyway.

7. Plans for a Sherlock Holmes art project. Not painting. Either pencil or ink or both. *gasp* on coffee stained paper. We'll see about that one....

8. Must stop blogging now.

9. Oh. NEW BOOKS! So much to do! This is why I must stop blogging now.

10. :)


Mythopoeia said...

I loved the finale! I watched it at about four in the morning, due to being unable to watch it live (horrid, I know), which might have affected how much I loved it, haha, but I was mostly completely satisfied with everything. I especially loved the editing of the ending, it made me get all weepy, heh. Which also might have to do with me being so sleep deprived . . .

The thing about Ben not going into the church . . . he didn't say that he would never go, and he seemed to have the same level of enlightenment as the rest of them, it just seemed that he /wanted/ to stay longer, so I'm wondering, is he waiting for Alex to get her 'awakening'? Or does he just want to do things his own way as he always did? He has darker memories to go through than the rest of them, I think. Either way, I thought it kind of appropriate, since he always was a bit of an outsider, even if he did become a good guy in the end--and his little chat with Hurley in the end was /adorable/! I was saddened by him not going in with the rest of them, but he seems at peace, so I assume he will go eventually.

I was kind of curious as to where Ilana was--did you see her there? She just seems like she was an absolutely pointless character. Also, I was a bit down that Richard wasn't there, but he wouldn't really need to wait for everyone I suppose, since he was always a loner too. Hrm. My biggest quibble with the ending was that it didn't focus enough on Des and Penny even though Shannon and Sayid got heaven knows how many closeups, haha. Oh well. To each fandom its own, I guess. A Ben shirt sounds great. You should post more of your art, it always sounds interesting, and your ET picture was amazing :D

I want to try to do some Desmond w/scarf as Doctor 12 now! :D

Mythopoeia said...

Heh, that should read, I want to do some ART of Des as Doc 12. Gah. Still sleep deprived, I guess.

Anna said...

Oh, well I didn't think about that. Ben has a nice redemption, and I was sad when he didn't go in at all. I didn't see Ilana or Richard, come to think of it...Richard should have been there. I liked the part when he got his gray hair. :) And I agree - Ilana was totally pointless character. I don't care for that actress much either. I'm glad that someone else likes the finale as much as I did. Nearly all of my other LOST friends didn't like it.

And hopefully, I'll get some art projects done this week and actually post pictures. :) And thanks for the compliment!

Desmond as Dr. 12 would be epic. I would LOVE to see that.

Anna said...

Oh - and I just watched Moon, with Sam Rockwell! Loved it! Great concept. Great acting. Brilliant.