Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Never a day without a line of writing

I read this advice long ago in the same writing books for kids that inspired in me the passion for a good writer's notebook.

I wrote too lines today, and they go together in the same story. They were:

Har har. Too bad.

Brilliant. I could rival Shakespeare.


Not really.

I found out that Doctor Who fanatics have a name. Whovians! I love it. I am a Trekkie as well. I wonder what Star Wars fanatics are called? If anyone knows, I'd love to know. Star Warriors? Haha, idk.

And now, I'm off for a shower. The best part of my day is the one or two times when my hair is sopping wet and partially tangled. I dislike my hair being dry. After that, a big, lovely snack and Lost with Dad. Wonder what happens this week...? ???? Something amazing, I hope.

I'm loving Season 5 of Doctor Who, but I'm only watching them as fast as BBCA puts them out - once a week. I'm only caught up to Flesh and Stone; if anyone has links, that'd be awesome. :)

Psych art project. Super secret. O.o

Has a Doctor Who bug at present - I need to get a holt of some books and work on drawing Doctor Eleven. I'd draw Doctor Ten, but my friend has already done two brilliant ones which I LOVE. Can't wait to see her second one completed!

Must look into photo shop.

Must consider Prismacolor art markers as b-day present.

Terrified about the idea of a SAT test.

Must stop blogging now. All this useless information. It's almost as bad as facebook....



Noah said...

Hello! I noticed in your profile that you are a fan of Ted Dekker. I am too! I am giving away one of his books in hardcover at my blog, Feel free to check it out!

Anna said...

Cool! Yeah, Ted Dekker is great. I actually already have Blink of an Eye - excellent book!

Yeti94 said...

I think my LEAST favorite part of the day is when my hair is wet and tangled. I hate that. :P

After hearing you, Corinne, and John Paul talk so much about Dr.Who I must watch it again! Hopefully someday soon I'll get around to it. I always enjoyed watching them, just haven't recently. :/
(and I want to be a Whovian. I like the name ^^)

Anna said...

Oh, you really should, Rachel! I love Doctor Who. I'm definitely a Whovian, at least for the later seasons. I haven't tried out the old stuff yet, but I'm sure I'll love it. I like old, corny science fiction. :)

Mythopoeia said...

Whovians rule! I just took advantage of a Barnes and Noble online BBC sale and finally bought "Caves of Androzani" on dvd, yessss. Can't wait to watch it with my brother, who's never seen it.

As to Series 5, check He now works with a guy who posts excellent quality video of the episodes as they are released in England, so I'm caught up and ready to watch "The Hungry Earth" tomorrow. "Vampires of Venice" and "Amy's Choice" are both fantastic :)

I've started doing Who fanart only this series; I'm pretty shy when it comes to drawing /real/ people, but I'm trying to get over that. Secret Psych art sounds interesting.

Anna said...

You should definitely post some fan art on your blog! I'd love that!

And thanks. I knew he had started posting some episodes before, when they first started coming out, but they were on YouTube and I hadn't seen links lately. But I'll give it a thorough look! Thanks! My secret Psych art turned out fairly well....not nearly as well as I wanted. I'll try to post pictures soon.