Friday, May 14, 2010

A Story Sort of Day it was wonderfully rainy outside.

It was a good day (unproductive as far as school went, but....after next week, things should slow down. Or I'll stop doing things to make it slow down.)

I was just thinking today in the car that when clouds settle over the world, stories do too. Who hasn't felt more creative on a cloudy day? Reading a good book, watching a good movie, burying yourself in an art project, writing a story - stories settle over the world on days like this and mix in the air. Thunder = the voices: laughter, screaming, talking, crying. Lightning = moments of heightened emotion or drama: love, hate, happiness, joy, sadness, death, life. Rain = the magic that ties it all together. It's the latin spells from Harry Potter, the elvish words of The Lord of the Rings, the music from Narnia, the sound of the Tardis, the stars in Star Trek and/or Star Wars, the wonder in every Steven Spielberg movie you've ever seen. It's the kiss in the romantic comedy. (Happens in the rain all the time). The mist is the mystery, the conflict, the villain, the hidden treasure, the alien, the adventure. You've got everything you need to be creative on a rainy day.

Romance, compassion, drama, adventure, fantasy, science fiction, action, comedy, plays, poems, novels, reality, short stories - it's all there. Just go find it. :)

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