Monday, June 7, 2010


June 25th draws near. AAAAAAH!!!!!

I've given myself a very strict writing schedule for the summer. I must edit and rewrite (and finish) the entire Great Elation book by June 25th, and then get the formatting properly done and all that so that I can send it in for my free printed copy.

But I don't want to fall anymore behind on my short story project. And just think! To be finished with The Great Elation! At least for awhile. Someday I'm sure I'll go back to it and edit and rewrite again, someday. But to finish it....

I also have to finish a very long short story this week (The Phantasm Battery) and write a whole other short story.

And again next week with yet another short story.
And again the week after that.
And again the week after that.
It's a year-long thing. Every year, I hope. My cousin's ideas and me stealing Ray Bradbury's technique combined.

I must finish Bumping Midnight this year. This summer? I don't know.

Book in a Week in August. *quakes*

I don't know how much of this I've already posted. Pfft, no I'm not scatterbrained....

Oh, darn. so behind in reading too.

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