Friday, July 30, 2010

Divers Things

1. Three points to me for using the word 'divers.'

2. Upcoming (we'll see) blog posts:
- Art work of Doctor Eleven, Doctor Ten, Short Story Poster, Memory Thief sketches (explanations with pictures)
-A post about Book in a Week
- List of favorite/least favorite Doctor Who Series Five Episodes
- Book/Movie Reviews

4. I am now the proud owner of a filly named Billie Belle, Billie for short. Hopefully I'll do a post on her soon, maybe even with pictures!

5. I went to see Inception. Oh. My gosh. Brilliant. Why are other people's minds so brilliant? It was so brilliant.

6. Considering doing a review of each Psych Episode this Season. :D

7. My birthday is coming up...seventeen. Wow. That's weird. I'm half and half. Peter Pan Syndrome all the way...but then again, there are so many advantages about being older. Oh well. Age is really only a number. Who cares if I'm seventeen? I like what C.S. Lewis said about parts of him being fifty when he was twelve and parts of him still being twelve when he was fifty. I'm like that.

8. Enjoying White Collar this season

9. I have got nothing exciting to say about myself now that I've told everyone that I have a horse. Okay. I'm done blogging, for now. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Brandon Flowers Solo Album!

Okay, so today, while listening/watching music vids by Michael Buble, I saw a scruffy looking man out of the corner of my eye, and I guess he looked a bit familiar, because I looked again, and it was Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers!

He went solo this year, although it has been confirmed that The Killers have not broken up. A few days ago, Brandon Flowers' new music for his video was released. I already have it on my iPod. Big fan of Brandon Flower's music and writing - can't wait for the actual album, which comes out on September 14.

The music video is weird - as all Killers music videos are - but I like the song. I don't always especially like all of the lyrics, but I always love the sound. Here's the video, if anyone is interested in the song.

Cornelia Funke also comes out with a new book on September 14. ( I think it's all on the same date, anyway.)

AND the Second Season of Fringe comes out on September 14! Of course it all comes out after my birthday.... ;)

Even Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins comes out after my birthday. Exactly one day after, on August 24th. That's all okay though - I'll probably still end up with all three things. (One of my) favorite musicians, authors, tv shows, and authors/books. :)

The Hottest Chili Pepper in the World!

Okay, I found this link on 22 words, and I was laughing out loud as I watched it. Some of it may be put on, but kudos to this kid. If I took a bite of the hottest chili pepper in the world and my reaction was real, I wouldn't want my very honest agony posted all over the internet to be observed. Check it out - it is definitely worth your time.