Friday, August 6, 2010

Frogs, Nazis, Birds, Cats

I staying in a room with a cat and a bird. The frogs outside are jumping on the window to get in. *deep breaths*


Just a bit yeah. Mostly because the Cat has scary good night vision and keeps chasing this irritating fly around like it's a butterfly - and the only light is coming from my laptop! He also keeps jumping off the bed and then jumping back on, really viciously, like he's going to attack me. I might regret not leaving the door open. Oh, and then the Beagle is howling away outside like the world is going to end.

I saw Sorcerer's Apprentice today. Great movie! Loved it! Gave it five stars on Netflix.

Now the cat is eating. I can hear his teeth as he cracks that dry, tasteless cat food....

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