Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Horror Stories

I think I just figured out something about Horror Stories.

Why are they so scary?

It's the best ones, the ones that really scare you...the bad guy wins. There is no hope of winning. They are stronger than you, and their goal in life is to terrorize you. To horrify you.

Maybe that's why I'm not good at writing bad guys. It's hard for me to trick myself into making it look like the bad guys are going to win. To pretend that they are. And that's why the 'horror' story I'm writing right now isn't going to be horrifying...creepy, I hope. But I think I'm okay with creepy.

I worked through this whole concept just now when I was thinking about The Slender Man. It's a worthy creepy (horrifying) story that you should google. But I was trying to figure out in my brain how to defeat him (even though he's not real) and I realized - that's why he's so scary. He's never been caught. He's been around for hundreds of years and he's never been caught - and the whole idea is that he never will be. He's just there. Waiting.


(Hey, it worked on me last night. My friend poked me in the shoulder and I screamed bloody murder. Classic. Everyone else laughed at me.)

Embedding experiment and...


I think it's interesting how writing, like everything else that takes effort, is hard to get started on. Yesterday I had such a hard time getting started, and then I flew through it all afternoon until I ran out of time to work on it. Now...*sigh* I'm back where I started. XD

Also, I'm listening to the Signs Soundtrack. I've been having trouble with embedding, so I'm going to try doing it here, and it it doesn't work, I'm too lazy to fix it today.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have nothing clever to put as the title for this blog post, so there you go.

I'm starting school tomorrow, and I'm excited. :)

This year is going to be fun! I get to do things that I will actually enjoy doing, along with the less exciting stuff, like SAT Math and Biology. Both of those are okay in moderation, they're just not fun. There will be an abundance of reading and writing and Spanish this year, and I'm pumped for those!

Happy start of term for me!!!
(I had to say 'term' because it sounds Potter-ish.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm starting to gain a reputation of being odd, weird, strange, unique around my house.

Just because I do some of the things Bob Dylan does... ;)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Desultory Enigmas Promo

Desultory Enigmas is the 'short' story serial I've been working on a little bit this summer, and will hopefully be continuing work on this fall. I wrote a promo for it today. :)


They were fresh out of the Labyrinth, a prison riddled with mystery, friends, enemies, and death. They were tired, they were hungry, they were desperate.

Quidderick Squidders and Peter Thomas are just your ordinary young men framed for murder, until they stumble into Desultory Enigmas, a mysterious freelance organization dedicated to investigating the riddles of the world. (Yeah, then they become even more ordinary.)

Though warned that they had better have nothing to lose, Quid and Peter are soon sucked into a world of savage enigmas and strange people, many of them blessed - or cursed - with gifts that make them different and dangerous. And the further they go, the more they realize that their own lives are intertwined with the hundreds of unexplained events happening on the dark side of the planet.

[ Hope you like cheese! Because some of this sounds really cheesy now that I'm looking at it.....]