Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Horror Stories

I think I just figured out something about Horror Stories.

Why are they so scary?

It's the best ones, the ones that really scare you...the bad guy wins. There is no hope of winning. They are stronger than you, and their goal in life is to terrorize you. To horrify you.

Maybe that's why I'm not good at writing bad guys. It's hard for me to trick myself into making it look like the bad guys are going to win. To pretend that they are. And that's why the 'horror' story I'm writing right now isn't going to be horrifying...creepy, I hope. But I think I'm okay with creepy.

I worked through this whole concept just now when I was thinking about The Slender Man. It's a worthy creepy (horrifying) story that you should google. But I was trying to figure out in my brain how to defeat him (even though he's not real) and I realized - that's why he's so scary. He's never been caught. He's been around for hundreds of years and he's never been caught - and the whole idea is that he never will be. He's just there. Waiting.


(Hey, it worked on me last night. My friend poked me in the shoulder and I screamed bloody murder. Classic. Everyone else laughed at me.)

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