Friday, October 29, 2010

NaNoWriMo Title, Genre, Summary 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genre: Science Fiction

Title: From Up There

Somewhere in the future, perhaps not too distant, the Earth is dark and cold. But still kicking.
A foreign shape like a saucer appears in the sky. It crashes, and the Earth holds its choked, infected lungs for a moment, and the whole world is silent, listening, but hearing nothing.
And in those hundred and eighty seconds of still silence, someone dies, someone goes crazy, someone’s heart breaks and half-mends.
If you, there, are wanting to know the person who died, the person who went crazy, the person who’s heart broke and then half-mended, and all the people that came after....well, you’ve got the right story in your grasp.

Course it's all rubbish because I coughed it all out in fifteen or so, but that'll give you a general idea. Opinions and thoughts welcome!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dom and Gillian Kallon

Dom and Gillian Kallon are uber cool.


Because they have a portal to an alternate reality in their bedroom. They're twins - bro and sis. They argue a lot. They complain. The share their favorite songs and youtube videos. They like Doctor Who and Psych. Dom aspires to be a ninja and Gill has a Hermione gene.

Check out the fictional blog that my friend Hayley and I are writing at

Subsribe, post the link everywhere you can think of, get us readers! Review us! Recommend us! Or if you don't like us, tell the world. We want publicity. We want people to read about Dom and Gillian's escapades. Check them out - if you like nerdy things and alternate realities and great taste in music, you'll really like them.


Monday, October 4, 2010

Today I...

...wrote a sort of 'I'm going to write a novel' pledge thing.

Not that I wasn't already going to write a novel. 'Finish' is really more accurate. I'm already writing a novel. Or several. Ahem. Anyway.

I'm going to write, finish, and publish a novel.

And there is absolutely nothing that any inhabitant of this Earth can do or say to stop me.

I guess I'm posting this because writing it (at the command of the talented writers of 'Writing Fiction for Dummies') felt important-ish. So I wrote it, taped it the mirror in my bathroom (again at the command of said-talented writers) and...I guess that's it.