Friday, April 22, 2011


So, I just realized as I was commenting on Mythopoeia's blog that the story I'm working on right now sometimes reminds me of Charles Dickens. Not so much in the style (although I have written about this character before in Dickens style as assignment in writing class) as in his story.

I'm really mean to him.

Sorry Peter. BUT!

Unlike many of Dickens' books. Stories, novels. Potato tomato potato tomato. Peter gets a happy ending somewhere down the road. (Books ought to have good endings - J.R.R. Tolkien.)

And the other day, (I was spacing out, so I didn't catch all of this, unfortunately) I was told by my nearly-six-year-old nephew that stories always have happy endings.

So there you go.


Mythopoeia said...

I was a remarkably morbid child in that I always adored sad endings--for instance, when I first read the 'real' ending of the Robin Hood stories at age seven I thought it was the most beautiful thing. Hah. That sort of thinking has carried over into my adult reading life too, I'm afraid, although I do like happy endings too, provided that they are earned :)

Now you have me wanting to read some Dickens. And it's nice to hear, however vaguely, about your current writing endeavors.

Anna said...

Thank you! I always love reading your comments. I'm excited that you're back to the blogging world again! Now that I've started college, it's going to be exciting to talk to another person with the same major as me!

I like sad endings, too, but I have a *very* difficult time writing them. This character I mentioned in this post has heartache after heartache shoved onto him, and I don't think I could stand to give him a sad ending after all of that. Even writing the tragedies in his life is hard. I make myself cry.

I'll do my best to make sure he earns his happy ending! I'd love to hear more about YOUR writing endeavors - and Radish Room! Is that still going on? Have I asked you about that lately? I know I keep meaning to, and also keep meaning to ask if you have room for one more writer... ;) But I definitely understand if you don't!

Mythopoeia said...

The Radish Room is still fully fuctional, so if you want an invite just let me know!

Anna said...

I'd love an invite! Especially as November gets closer...I've *almost* decided to do NaNoWriMo this year. And more feedback on the stuff I'm always working on would be nice, and I'd love to read more of your stuff!!!!