Wednesday, June 22, 2011

As I sit here...

...desperately trying to procrastinate history. I'm sick of it. And I haven't even done most of it yet.

I just glanced at a few old blog posts. Recommendation: Don't go look at them! I was a horrible writer back then. Very, very heavily influenced by 1950's fantasy literature, which isn't a bad thing, but it's a bad mix for a barely-teenager that's not a good writer yet.

I used words like 'quite' and 'rather.'

Words which should be broken, banned, pieces left to scatter to the wind, then picked back up again and put back together.

Queed and Rother!

I queed like that. I rother think you're wrong.

I think I'm onto something with this. I really do. Who's with me?!

In other...stuff.... for those of you who read my blog that don't talk to me every day, I'm now a college student, still a writer, not as diligent a reader as I'd like, and still knitting. I love my dog. I've acquired (HA! Fun word that reminds me unpleasantly of 'quite' and 'rather...' )a little sister since I posted here last. I always thought having a little sister would be misery, but I was wrong! It probably helps that we didn't meet until past our ferocious stages of being little and/or thirteen-year-olds.

But still. ;)

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