Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something gross, Yay!

So, wanna read something really gross? No? Then go away.


I got my cartilage pierced this year, and I just got brave enough to change the earring myself for the first time tonight. I kept the first one in for the required 12 weeks, then had a friend change it for me, and that one has been in probably a lot longer than 12 weeks. Not sure how long. But anyway! I just took it out myself. It HURT.

Blood kind of exploded from my ear, and there was this gross buildup of what I assume to be dirt, sweat, and ear snot (I guess... O.o). Anyway, after a minute of panicking, cleaning, and freaking out about getting the next earring in, we're all good, and instead of a little blue circle that has a sleepy face and says 'sleepy' I have a little lighter blue circle that has a silly face and says 'silly.'

Sleepy and silly are probably the two moods/feelings that come over me the most, as my little sister and Dad will both tell you. Sorry, y'all.


Rachel said...

Oh my. Sounds... lovely. :P Though, when I got my ears pierced (And I didn't until last year), I had to get my brother to take the earring out after the recommend weeks, because it was stuck in the piercing! It was really disgusting upon taking it out too. And I felt like I was going to pass out both when I got the piercing, and when we took it out. Even if it didn't especially hurt it made me feel sick. D: I don't think I'm getting anymore piercings. haha

Anna said...

Wow! It sounds like you react a lot more strongly to getting piercings than me.... it didn't actually make me feel sick. But it did hurt! I remember getting my lobes pierced, and that was a lot easier to take care of than my cartilage.

I like your blogger profile pic, btw!!!

Mythopoeia said...

See, this is why I have not yet pierced my ears. They're quite happy the way they are XD

Anna said...

Haha! I understand completely! My ear's doing all right now. I haven't been brave enough to change the earring in a while. Hopefully we're all past gross stuff now....