Thursday, July 28, 2011


Maybe one of the many things that differs Christianity from other religions is:

Well, first, we're all in dark tunnels, bur Christians always see a light [Jesus] at the end of theirs. But! Lots of other religions have their own lights at the end of their tunnels, too, which they completely believe in. Their lights are different than ours - theirs isn't Jesus.

But! The point I wanted to make - or really, just throw out there as food for thought - is that Christians see other people's tunnels and worry about other people's lights at the end of their tunnels. We are called to think about the light at the end of other people's tunnels, and try to share our light with them.

Ideally, we could somehow share the light at the end of our own tunnel with all the dark tunnels we come across.

I'm not a very good light-at-the-end-of-tunnel-sharer. Need to work on that one.

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